Equine Health and Well Being

Using a cell phone to do a fecal egg count

Researchers can now do an on site fast estiment testing for fecal count of small stronglites. By using a cell phone, and associated software, which detects the universal egg markers present on all paraste eggs it is now possible to run diagnostics much faster than the traditional slower traditional method of sending samples directly to vetanarians. Validation studies and finalizations will be completed by summers end, with commerial availability in late 2016.


A Mind of Their own

All equids fear and recent anything upon their back. Simply, being a prey species, it is in their very genetic biology to respond negatively to any sensed or real threats to their survival. Horses are very intelligent and perceptive creatures. Most people think of all herbivores as being relatively simple-minded and food sources or beasts of burdens such as the horse and other equids. One only needs to open ones eyes, take the time to interact and truly study the horse, to discover on their own the attraction and mutural respect that can be obtained from one of the planets most bueatiful and nobelest of lifeforms. The love that is not exclusive to the human race, but more univeral than mankind has even imagined.

A Mind of Their own

Do equids resent having burdens upon their backs and being ridden by another species?  A simple answer really, one that will be obvious enough when stated in a future up and coming note. Until said revelation, let you the reader plug your opines..